Appointment Prep

1. We request that you complete a behavior history form 7 days prior to your appointment. Also, please ask your veterinarian to send your pet’s full medical record in advance. This is essential so that Dr. Rigterink can review ALL of your pet’s relevant information prior to your appointment.

2. Let us know if you are not certain whether a particular pet and/or person should attend the consultation. Once Dr. Rigterink has reviewed your completed behavioral history form, she will be able to advise you.

3. You are encouraged to send photos of your home environment. Please include video recordings of interactions and behaviors that you would like Dr. Rigterink to see directly. Short video recordings can be sent by sharing a Dropbox file.

NOTE: Do NOT put yourself, your pet, or other people/animals at risk to capture a picture and/or video recording of the undesirable behavior.

What to bring:

  • You and your pet
  • Special equipment that you use for training and/or the behavior problem
  • Favorite treats
  • Favorite toy and a comfortable mat (not required)
  • Any written training plans/notes from previous trainers or behaviorists

If your dog has bitten a person or other animals, he/she should wear a basket muzzle when coming into the building and until settled in the consultation room. Please contact our clinic if you have any questions regarding your dog wearing a basket muzzle. 

Who should attend:

Please consider bringing the members of your household who directly interact with your pet so that they can hear the clinician’s diagnosis and recommendations and ask any questions.

It is not recommended to bring small children to the appointment for safety. 

What to expect:

At the initial behavior consultation, Dr. Rigterink will spend time with you and your family to gather more information in order to make a diagnosis and treatment plan that is tailored to your family and your pet. She also will observe your pet to gain insight into his/her behavior problem in a safe manner.

Dr. Rigterink will discuss the diagnosis and prognosis, as well as safety, management, and behavior modification. In some cases, she may recommend anti-anxiety medication in addition to the behavior modification plan.  Any medical problems that may be contributing to your pet’s behavior problem also will be discussed.

You will be provided with a detailed, written summary of the consultation. A copy will be emailed or faxed to your primary care veterinarian.

After the visit:

Follow-up communication is critical to a successful outcome!

The frequency of follow-up communication can vary depending on the presenting case.  We do request that you contact us by email or phone with updates at 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months after your initial appointment; we will reply to emails or phone calls within 72 hours.

A recheck visit is scheduled at 3 months to review your pet’s progress.

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