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“Living with a dog who struggles with anxiety and aggression-related issues is difficult and can be isolating. Dr. Rigterink and her wonderful nurse/trainer Amy have provided our little family with the support we need to create a safe space for all of us. Petey is a handsome, goofy, and adventurous dog. Working with Dr. Rigterink and her staff to establish the best protocols for medication, counterconditioning and desensitization, training, and enrichment activities allows us to experience the very best parts of our canine family member, while we all learn to communicate better when he is struggling. We are grateful for the expertise we have access to through Veterinary Behavior of Indiana and are so glad they are part of Team Petey.”

Tiffany H.

“I can’t thank Dr. Rigterink and Amy enough for their help with my dog, Moose. Prior to their help, Moose was highly anxious, reactive, and quick to flare. It was incredibly stressful to take him on walks or anywhere in public. We have been in treatment with Indiana Vet Behavior for one year and he’s like a new dog! We can now go on walks with very little reactivity, often none at all. He no longer needs to be crated when I leave the house. He is not aggressive with my other dog anymore. He is calm, happy, and responsive to me. I love having him as a pet and he is no longer a source of stress for me. I am beyond thankful to Dr. Rigterink and Amy for their knowledge, patience, and kindness.”
Krista S.

“Kuma was 10 years old when she saw Dr. Rigterink. The short version is that Kuma had severe noise anxiety. We were distraught trying to calm her and relieve her anxiety. I could go on and on about the improvements we have seen in Kuma since we worked with a veterinary behaviorist. My only regret is not finding her sooner! Kuma’s quality of life has improved greatly. My advice – do not wait to seek the help of a veterinary behaviorist. Sooner is better in helping your pet have a calm, happy life. Happy pet – happy pet family!”
Diana R.

“I want to thank you. Fabio was a rescue and he aggressive towards me and had severe anxiety issues. Dr. Rigterink taught me behavior modification and we have made great progress. I can now pet him and is learning cues such as sit, come, stay.”
Janice M.

“Two of our three dogs got into a serious dog fight without any significant prior issues with each other. This was a very traumatic experience for us. We sought help from Dr. Rigterink and began implementing a comprehensive behavior treatment plan. A year later, we are now to the point where both dogs lay on the couch. It is still a work in progress but this is life changing for us. Thank you for all of your guidance.”
Alexis W.

“Dr Rigterink was awesome! She gave me hope that my baby is manageable! Now to start implementing her recommendations immediately! “
Julie S.

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